Welcome to my blog!
I photograph...

because a memory should never be lost.
because love is all we need.
because today will be gone tomorrow.

So much of my experience and growth in photography is due in part to these 2 girls. My  adored nieces, Victoria and Christianna. It used to be easier, fascinating even for them to pose for me. Over the years, they've gotten older and less inclined to do my bidding. Bribery in the form of a trip to the playground enabled me to haul them out to the schoolyard behind our house. They let me shoot for 15 minutes. :) You will see how easy it is to fall in love with them!!

pink dresses_025.jpg

pink dresses_011.jpg

pink dresses_046.jpg

pink dresses_053.jpg

pink dresses_064b.jpg

pink dresses_070.jpg

pink dresses_076.jpg

pink dresses_106.jpg

pink dresses_144.jpg

pink dresses_167.jpg

pink dresses_178.jpg

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Julia Gilbert says:

LOOOVE it. I love the blog. I love the girls. I love the new site! I can't wait to see your updates. I love the watermark, too! Your name is so pretty on all of the pictures! Uber professional and always how I knew it should be.

(06.08.10 @ 01:22 PM)
Rebekah Awood says:

Beautiful photos, as always. That last one is GORGEOUS! I can't wait for our photo shoot!

(06.10.10 @ 10:14 AM)
Clare Gilbert says:

Beautiful pictures...as always!! The girls are adorable...and I ditto Julia's comment about your blog/site...looks great!

(06.15.10 @ 01:03 PM)
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