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because a memory should never be lost.
because love is all we need.
because today will be gone tomorrow.

I've known Grace for years, we grew up together in church and she was always best pals with my younger sister Joanna. The last time I saw her since their family moved to Texas, was when she stood up in Joanna's wedding, 5 years ago!! So I was so delighted to get a message from her saying she wanted photos of her adorable new baby boy and her family when they came up for a visit! :) Grace, your family is just beautiful! It was so wonderful to see you.... :)

Allen fam__043.jpg
Allen fam__061.jpg
Allen fam__073.jpg
Allen fam__087.jpg
Allen fam__143.jpg
Allen fam__173.jpg
Allen fam__195.jpg
Allen fam__222.jpg
Allen fam__284.jpg

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