Welcome to my blog!
I photograph...

because a memory should never be lost.
because love is all we need.
because today will be gone tomorrow.

So where are you from?

We moved around a lot when I was a child, but most of life has been spent in Michigan, and I love the seasons, I truly do!



When did you know you were a photographer?

I knew I was a photographer when I bought my first camera, it wasn't even an SLR, but it was still nice and I loved experimenting. It wasn't until I got my first SLR and enrolled in some classes that it formed into something bigger. Through the years I was always saddened that we had so few photos of my siblings and I as children, and my first attraction to capturing people was in my own family... I thought "the missing pieces end here!"



What is your favorite thing to photograph?

People. :) Families, lovers and oh yeah, little ones!



What is your passion besides photography?

Traveling, cooking and reading, I love a good book! Oh, and scrapbooking, but I never have time for that anymore!



Tell us a completely random fact about you...

My sisters are my best friends, and I wouldn't be me without them!



If you would not be a photographer, what would you be?

Hmmm. Well if we are talking about things I'd like to be, possibly a chef, I have dreamed of having my own restaurant before.



You have a day-off what do you do?

Spend time with family, relax with a good long book or who knows, maybe scrapbook?



Biggest pet peeve?

Probably dj's that offer photography advice. 



What is your least favorite thing to photograph?

Anything that's too cheesy or staged.



Favorite place on Earth?




What was the funniest thing you just heard/saw/watched?

Well I'm becoming strangely addicted to the show "Reno 911", has me cracking up at every episode!!



Why is photography so important to you?

Because life is short, and photos help us capture memories, it would take hours to recount a day in your life, to jot down every word spoken, every feeling felt, but a click of a camera can instantly set a memory in place for life! So the question is, how will you remember?



If you could shoot anything or anybody in the world what/who would it be?

I'd love to photograph a wedding in Paris. :)